justin moore. Photographer. pilot.

Since 1999, Justin Moore has been photographing landscapes, nature and human beings as a professional photographer for Moore Photography & Design.  In 2001, his passion for flying became a reality when he earned his Private Pilot certificate.  He later earned an Instrument Rating and combined his passions as a freelance photographer for General Aviation News.  

In addition to having his work published on more than seven covers of General Aviation News, Justin began capturing images while aloft in a late model Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP - he was hooked on the amazing views "from up there".

In late 2014, Justin was introduced to UAS (Un-manned Aerial Systems) when he purchased a DJI Phantom FC40 - a small, multi-rotor "drone" with an attached camera.  Needless to say, he was hooked.  Drones combined Justin's two passions - flying and photography.

In 2015, he used his drones to capture low-altitude imagery to promote conservation, parks and communities by donating his time and equipment to promote public awareness of drones and to demonstrate their many positive benefits.

In 2016, Justin officially launched Airborne Aerial Photography - a FAA approved aerial photography division of Moore Photography & Design.  Justin is a certificated Remote Pilot operating under the FAA's new "Part 107" regulations.  Using stabilized ground and aerial photography platforms, Airborne Aerial Photography provides stunning aerial photographs, cinematography and high resolution mapping that helps companies and organizations view their world and tell their story in whole new ways. 

        Airborne Aerial Photography is FAA approved

        Airborne Aerial Photography is FAA approved

Justin pilots an Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom 4 drone - the latest aerial photography platforms that provide exceptional quality imagery and videography.

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