We provide a variety of aerial photography and videography products to meet your needs.  We offer a flexible pricing model that allows us to customize a plan based on your needs whether that's something as small as a home portrait or a large-scale effort to photograph/map a large construction project.

Low altitude aerial photography

Our chief pilot, Justin Moore, has been a photographer since 1999.  At Airborne, you get the benefit of an accomplished, published photographer that knows how to compose, capture and process images to deliver breathtaking photography that meets our high standards of image quality.  That means a photographer with the experience to know when to shoot an image and when not to.  A photographer that plans projects when the best available lighting is present.

Sunrise over the Town of Hollywood Park, Texas

aerial videography & story telling

In today's competitive landscape, it is so critical for businesses to be able to "tell their story", to communicate who they are and what they can offer their customers.  Using a combination of stable aerial and ground equipment, like the DJI Inspire 1, we can capture smooth, stabilized video that showcases your business, home or organization in a way that just wasn't possible a few years ago.  Let us help you create that story and gain that competitive edge!   

Working closely with the Canyon Lake Gorge Preservation Society, this #dronesforgood project was designed to promote and protect this amazing South Texas location

High resolution maps / 3d imaging

An exciting new use for UAS (Un-manned Aerial Systems) is the creation of high-resolution and 3D maps using aerial photography.  Several overlapping aerial photographs are taken and then processed into high resolution maps that are perfect for planning buildings, landscaping and more.  


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