Citizen Science Project at Mitchell Lake Audubon

We're passionate about using #DronesForGood.  Recently, we teamed up with Hidden Forest Elementary School to design a field trip to the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center.  We say "design" because our objective was to use our drones, the brilliant minds of elementary school children and the needs of Mitchell Lake to create a citizen science project.

We divided the children into three teams - Team Alpha was our safety team that evaluated the area for flight safety, pulled weather briefings and maintained a safe zone while our drones launched and landed.  Team Bravo was our spotter team - they were our drone pilot's extra pair of eyes by keeping the drone in sight and pointing out any airborne hazards (like hawks!).  Team Charlie was our news crew that documented the project using multiple cameras and angles.

The result?  A fun field trip for the kids and some great aerial photographs, video and maps for our friends at Mitchell Lake Audubon!